Software Rental - Service Description

Software Rentals

Additional Service to „Cloud server“ and „Virtual Cloud Data Center“

1. Service Definition

Neterra provides a range of licensed software products that the Client could install and use as part of the services “Cloud server” and “Virtual Cloud Data Center”

The service is prepaid on a subscription basis with one month reporting period. The service is offered for a minimum period of one month.

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3. Service Parameters

3.1. Name and version of the software (Examples: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, SQL Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Edition);

4. Terms of Services

4.1. Under this service, only the Client has the rights to use this product during the rental period.

4.2. All general and specific terms of the software developer, regarding this product, apply to the software use.

4.3. All terms related to the Microsoft software could be found here:

4.4. If the software requires activation (Example: Enter a product key), it is performed by Neterra at any step.

4.5. Software could be installed and used only on Cloud servers part of Neterra cloud platform.

4.6. Under this service, Neterra is neither responsible for the proper functioning of the software, nor for the circumstances arising from the product use.

4.7. Neterra has the rights to terminate the service any time, if the Client do not comply to all software terms of use.

5. Definition of Availability

5.1. The service is considered operational and available, if the software is installed and activated successfully and the Client does not raise objections in the next 24 hours.

5.2. The acceptance test is successful if the service is available after the activation has finished.

6. Activation and Support

6.1. Service activation and support is performed by Technical Department.

6.2. The Client could receive assistance by sending a support ticket via the web based control panel under services “Cloud server” and “Virtual Cloud Data Center.”
In case the access to the web based control panel is impossible, the Client could contact Neterra's Network Operating Center (NOC). NOC has a 24-hour line +359 2 974 3311 and a cell phone number +359 888 929966.