Cloud Server Monitoring - Service Description

Cloud Servers Monitoring

Additional Service to „Cloud server“ and „Virtual Cloud Data Center“


1. Service Definition

The service provides 24x7x365 monitoring of the Cloud servers and services working on them by a specialized monitoring system. This is an additional service to “Cloud server” and “Virtual Cloud Data Center”

The service is prepaid on a subscription basis with one month reporting period. The service is offered for a minimum period of one month.

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3. Commercial Parameters of the Service

3.1. „Amount“ - number of the monitored Cloud servers (Examples: „2“, „4“);

3.2. „Monitored parameters“ - description of the parameters that are monitored.

4. Terms of Service

4.1. The service is provided for Linux and Windows operating systems, available for the services “Cloud Server” and “Virtual Cloud Data Center”

4.2. Monitoring could be configured for:

a) status and availability of TCP/UDP port;

b) status and availability of the following protocols: SMTP(S), POP3(S), IMAP(S), HTTP(S), FTP, SSH, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, MySQL, LDAP(S), etc.

c) PING to public IPv4 addresses of the Cloud server;

d) usage of the Cloud server resources – percentage of disk space used, percentage of memory used, processor load, network load and number of the running processes.

4.3. Parameters that the Client wants to be monitored are listed in the field “additional information” in the service order form.

4.4. The service requires installation and configuration of software module on the Client's server. The Client needs to give access to Neterra, so a specialist could perform the installation and configuration. If not the Client has to install and configure the module themselves following Neterra's instructions.

4.5. The Client receives access to a web based system where they could check the current status of the monitored parameters and generate reports for a specific time period.

4.6. The Client could receive automatic email notifications when the status of a monitored parameter changes.

4.7. The Client could leave a contact person who would be notified via a phone call by an engineer on duty from Network Operation Center at Neterra, when an event with a monitored parameter occurs.

 5. Definition of Availability

5.1. The service is considered operational and available if statistics on the configured parameters are received in the system, after the software module is installed and configured.

5.2. The acceptance test is successful if the service is available after the activation has finished.

6. Activation and Support

6.1. Service activation and support is performed by Technical Department.

6.2. The Client could receive assistance by sending a support ticket via the web based control panel under services “Cloud server” and “Virtual Cloud Data Center.”

6.3. In case the access to the web based control panel is impossible, the Client could contact Neterra's Network Operating Center (NOC). NOC has a 24-hour line +359 2 974 3311 and a cell phone number +359 888 929966.